Today, one of my best friends came, saw me for a few hours and left. The next time I’ll be seeing her would be July, 4 months from now. As she walked away, it felt like my heart shrunk and my lungs were suddenly not functional. I was gasping for air. Everything inside me seized. It was then i knew that i was already broken. I have always gotten used to people leaving me but i never thought she would have to.

Many of you are wondering why didn’t she stay with me right? She had to go for her internship. I had already done mine but then she wasn’t alone. We are three BFF and they both had each other when i left. Now both of them are leaving for theirs and I’m alone.

Just so you know, i never let her see me cry, so i waited till she was further away before i broke down. It was like i couldn’t comprehend. I’ll still tell her I’m fine cause she worries a lot. I know you would say it’s lying but it’s never considered a lie when joy not happiness is created.

I might be tough, hard and basically a hard nut to crack but beyond any hard nut is a soft sweetness within. I might just be like that……or i might not.

We’ll figure ourselves out one day.


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