I’m a girl with flaws

I used to be a tomboy….. Noticed how i said the words ‘used to’. Well i still have a little of that trait in me. I am pretty stubborn and that’s something others might see as a flaw but I’m proud of it. Everybody has that one flaw that they pretend to want to get rid of just so people would commend them. Well now you know mine.

Elaborating on my incredible flaw, did you know stubbornness brings out the spontaneous in a person? I can’t bet my wallet you didn’t. A flaw will be a flaw no matter what. If you get rid of a flaw, you’d discover another and you might not like this one as much as you did the first. Get it? So instead of trying to change yourself over and over, be you once and for all. I love being me cause I’ll suck real bad if i was someone else.

It never hurts to be yourself. Sure some people might not like you but there’s something you should know… “If everyone likes you, then everyone is lying to you”

Go figure!!!!!


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