Losing a friend

How many of you ever had that fear of losing a friend especially one that you have known like forever?  Well today and i couldn’t stop thinking about last night. Curious about my last night? Don’t worry it’s nothing serious. A very close friend of mine said some really dramatic goodbyes that made me feel like i was losing everything. It really touched me. He’s not someone i want to wake up and lose. 4 years is not easy to come by. It is infact

  • 48 months
  • 209 weeks
  • 1460 days
  • 35040 hours

‘Goodbyes’ aren’t just words. They are feelings. They are emotions and to my kind of person, they are like failed promises. I’m gonna explain. Friendship is already a promise to each other. Best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends even friends with benefits. There’s a promise involved in all of them.

For Best friends, they have promised themselves everything, no secrets, no pain or burden carried alone, no judgments, only acceptance. True friendship is not as easy as shoplifting and i know shoplifting is pretty strategic (talking from lots of movies i have watched)

For those in relationships, girlfriends, boyfriends, they promise each other love and affection, care and understanding and all others.

Even those friends with benefits always promise that they’ll do anything to satisfy each other sexually and that no one would fall for one another and you know most times when that second promise is broken, there is a probability for awkwardness.

Goodbye breaks all these promises even when death is involved. I know i am only talking based on friendships. Goodbyes occurs even in the home.

  • Chei says goodbye is “When people leave me”
  • Lami says goodbye is both”seeing someone another time and not wanting to have anything to do with that person anymore and all”depending on context.
  • KUD says goodbye means “time to move on and face new realities”
  • Ron says goodbye is “till we meet again”

All these are random perspective and personal opinions. What’s your definition?



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