When i read this picture, i was like “it’s true” but then i realized i am a victim of this. I don’t know how i got my self into this. Oh wait i think i do. I let my self have more than a friend situation but not a boyfriend or friend with benefit. Then, he was my ‘Go-to guy’. I didn’t tell him everything not because i didn’t want to but because i couldn’t. I am not very good at sharing how i feel with someone else and that’s me but i did think about him not in a love way tho. I know I’m not so important to him now. He has shown me in different ways and i get it. People grow and people change. It made me realize that not everyone you know now would be there for you later no matter how in sync you feel with them now.

I don’t even know why I’m telling you this.

Thoughts make you realize how much you care for a person. Your subconscious creates a  vortex with your thoughts and you can get lost in them. Sometimes every little thing that happens can remind you so someone a lot. That’s because they keep revolving round that vortex and flashes of them appear a thousand times because you have had them in your mind quite a number of times and they make up most of the vortex. vtx

How do i know this?

Easy… I know somethings. You might know the same thing but our interpretation will differ. This is what i understand from thoughts. You might have something different and that will be your own perspective of this topic.

The time you’d spend thinking of someone, make sure you realize that you are giving the vortex more of that person to recreate and when you want to move on, it’ll be harder cause it’s going to be like deleting a thousand and one images on a system that can’t do ‘select all’ AKA ‘ctrl A’ for all my computer geniuses reading this. The most painful part is if you could see the person’s vortex and you hardly see your picture.

Think more of those that think of you too and please don’t ask me how you’d know who does. You just do. I once saw this conversation



This just further explains what i have been saying. Your best thoughts are the ones found most in the vortex.

Funny enough, i still worry about him but it doesn’t matter now. I’m taking my time to delete one photograph at a time.