New Friends

Cheers to new friends and Toast to the old ones. Without those older ones you might not have found your path today. You might not have known what you could and couldn’t do.They tend to bring out the good, the bad and the limits in you. Everyone deserves a friend even a bum.

Met a new friend, he’s been cool but i can’t judge him yet, every new person you meet always has a baggage that you never thought was possible. //#NoOffence // Anyways so far i can agree that he’s unique in a way. Never really met this brand of people before so you could consider this a first.

Shout out to SoSO #Somto

Right now, i may not have lots of friends but that has never stopped me from always knowing the value of friends especially a true one. So a new friend isn’t just like a new cloth you add to your collection. You never take advantage of friends cause if truly they are friends to you, then you won’t let them be disadvantaged.

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