Flash Fiction

Someone told me how much of a good writer i am and i should go for a flash fiction competition. So i agreed and this is what i came up with… I need an honest opinion


Lexi Jones was a young girl born on Halloween to just a mother who had been expecting for years now. This was quite the achievement for her mother because she was clocking her 40’s when this miracle happened. Lexi grew up without a father figure to look up to, hence making it difficult for her to relate to another fatherly personality. She devoted all her love and trust to her mother. She grew up to be bright and intelligent, and her social life never slacked. Indeed, she was like her mother but she never stopped hearing about the vivid resemblance to her father whom she never saw.

Along came a step-father, still no connection. It was even harder because he was more to himself and she couldn’t pressure. Her mother was all she had and just a few years for her to be done with high school, her mother passed away. She was barely 14 years of age. Devastated and broken, she caused herself to bleed daily. She began to have a sweet urge for pain and more for hate. Her mind had been altered. It became hard for her to love, trust or see hope in anything. A year later, her step-father dies too and it didn’t hurt. She had already been exposed to one of the greatest pain. Her grades dropped but with much pressure finished high school. She never followed her dream because she lost the reason and the drive to pursue them. Getting into the university wasn’t an idea anymore but she did, not because she wanted to but because she was told to. Her future began to slip slowly but there was always this light that made her different, unique and beyond words. She would one day, be known across worlds.

It had to be 300 words or less.



  1. if this is a review of a book or a movie trailer, I honestly would not read the book or watch the movie; not because it has a sad ending, but because it does not make you look for more. you can do better tho


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