Words are words, not just words but a combination of thoughts and letters. Words are heard and words are said but for words to be heard, they are said and for them to be read, they are written, far beyond just letters scribbled on a piece of paper.

Words can be treasures, curses, blessings, pain and it all depends on the receiving end. You choose the way you want to process the message. No one can tell you how to comprehend, It’s all you. Before you say something take your time to think thoroughly about it before you hurt someone.

I had a friend/ lover who said stupid hurtful things when he was angry and I got use to it and he knew it hurt but each time it gets even worse. We ended on a good note but I always wanted that trait to be gone. I got used to it because i learnt to process the message in his anger differently, not with a slap or change of words.

It takes not less than just a  word to break a human being and it takes even less to process and ignore.


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