So here we go…

With you everything seems perfect but I know it isn’t and that’s just because i know nothing is ever just perfect. I hate love and you know that but yet choose to still love me, never afraid to say how you feel even when i refuse to share my intimate and ridiculous thoughts. I laugh with you and play with you even when it’s time to go to bed. We could talk all through the night if only you’d let it.

You have your addictions and it’s okay that I’m not one of them. You are amazing all the same and I think they are cute.

You make me want to take a walk or just talk anytime of the day and yet I can’t bring myself to be in love with you.I’m guessing it’s the way my mind works and that is not even the main issue. The main issues are hidden in plain sight, out in the open, right on the top surface. You never noticed them because you pay no vivid attention to me. You can act like you do but there’s a difference. You probably think I get pissed all the time and you just assume something big but lemme put you through. Most times I am more offended about little things than big ones because the little ones are so little that they can be repeated quite a number of times so they tend to hurt more.

You make me want to waste an hour or two waiting for you and yet no reward of any such. Afraid to hold me but I always find myself pulling back your arms around me. I try to get close enough to get you to focus but you’d rather pull your hands away and dance for random people. Your dances are always incredible though.

You say the nicest and sexiest things. Things like:

“you are beautiful, incredible and just spectacular. I love you. Gosh, you are so cute. You are worth everything, be positive. I miss you.”

“I want to kiss you right now. All I can think of is jumping you right here. That’s so hot, you are so hot. “

I could go on but i don’t focus on them any more cause it feels like to you, they are just words or aren’t they? Cute is cool but spontaneous is hot and wild is way hotter. I don’t need a dare-devil, neither do i need a superman.

I just need a man that’s super enough to dare the devil….

I am kidding about that last sentence.

Words are words and actions are actions. Thoughts are thoughts but still actions can jump the process and just become actions that were never said out loud or in the mind.

Don’t just fall in love, Be in love!!!!!!!


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