Your Understanding of HIM

Everyone knows understanding differs. If you were given this description of a person, what would you get from this? Who could he be? What kind of person is he? Player or Lover?

Cold am I

Warm is he

Dark are my thoughts

But true are my words.

This ‘HE’ is tough and adventurous

Is strong, yet vulnerable

Stubborn to point

Yet strongly desirable

He’s trapped between two,

Torn in directions;

His heart and his obligation.

He’s not so pure

But his love can be a cure.

His kindness reflects a fixed broken heart

He is capable of a lot more

But his passion holds him back.

Eyes drawn like art

Drawing you to him,

Yet drawing you apart

Still leaving a touch of doubt.

Yes, no one is above mistakes

But his are ridiculous.

There’s always a touch of lust on his lips

Lips of an angel

That creates a devious temptation.

His mind battles a lot

Especially with his heart

About an uncontrollable urge

Or a feminine decision

A war that doesn’t always end as planned

Cause there’s no plan

There’s only risk

So who is he?



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