WHAT policy?

Honesty is the WHAT policy? Best, worst or just a policy. I grew up with the belief that it was the best. Then life happens, clouds that mentality, changes my view on things, leaving only traces of crumbs of my former self. In pieces, yet still those fragments are worth a lot. They are pieces of who I was before and what I believed in.

It’s funny when you tell the truth, you are punished or hated or pushed away and yet they still want to make you believe it’s the best policy. How? It’s far from right because now you just encouraged lies, more lies and a relationship can never stand, grow or flourish without trust and trust is entwined with honesty.

So matter how right you think you are, punishing an honest person or pushing them away, making them feel stained, right isn’t exactly what you are, but you are not exactly wrong either. You’re just unfair. If a lie was told instead of the truth, you wouldn’t have been moved to penalize.

Then when you lie and go free, everybody feels comfortable until the truth comes out and then that question is asked

“Why did you lie to me?”

“I would have believed you if you told me. Now I had to hear it from …”

But you know they wouldn’t have believed you or trusted you either. You know these are just cover up lies.

All these depend on the crime though. The same way the Bible has unforgiveable sins, I think we have some unforgiveable crimes.

As for me, honesty doesn’t matter to every situation but it matters a whole lot in the rightest of situations, the situation where your heart would ache or mind wouldn’t rest or to a lover you can’t lose or even to a mother’s eyes.

So think yours through before you treat someone with regrettable actions.


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