Guilty or Not!?

When you love someone, why fight it? When you miss someone, why deny yourself of their voice or presence? When you hate someone, why lie? When you truly care, why hide under a mask of an attitude?

All these are things I watch people be guilty of. I am also guilty of some and I know you are to. Everyone wants to be right but the truth is, that’s not possible. Someone always has to lose for the other to win or someone has to forfeit. Winning or losing doesn’t matter when you love someone, when they are all you can think of. All that matters is reaching out just so you can feel their heart, beat to your favorite song.

Pretense gets you somethings but not the things you need. It can only get you far enough to taste something so wonderful but you can never have it then, only when you admit what you want to yourself and take note, what you want can be different from what is right and if you are lucky, they’d both be the same.

This is what i learnt;

So what do you really want?


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