WRITING; What I do

There are always questions involved in what you do. Many of them are not always pleasant or easy to answer, while others are merely just a piece of cake. The answers to these questions depend on how you are able to reflect it as an individual.


I can think of various reasons why someone would want to write but for me, only one. It could sound like the most ridiculous reason, one without a strong backup but trust me when I say this; it is the reason behind all other reasons. I could write for so many reasons like impacting knowledge, creating awareness, self-expression but nothing beats choice. I write because I want to. Your opinion might be the same with the next person regarding a particular thing but you choosing to put it down for the world, is what makes you different. No matter how much knowledge you have, if you don’t want to share it, you won’t. So that’s why I write; cause I want to.


Do I write when I’m thinking or when I’m walking or maybe when I’m mesmerized by an object? Or maybe do I write when I’m cold or hot? Does my brain process better during a particular weather? Well, honestly I write when I’m breathing. I can write anywhere basically. Right this very minute, I’m eating and writing. There’s never just one time for a great imagination.


Simple!!! I write for those that are willing to read. Let me explain. About 70% of people who can see, can read. Now, not all who can read are willing to. For example, I can read, but you won’t catch me reading a novel and that’s because I’m not willing to. I don’t read them. So what I write isn’t only for adults or teens or kids, male or female. It’s for you and me.


I can basically write about anything. I could just stare into your eyes {if I could} and write on how you’re the color of your eyes affect some choices or just with a word, i can come up with a lot. Try me.writing-flaubert-1080x600


w Feel free to ask more questions.


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