The Breakup

Heard this song “The BreakUp” by my all time favorite artist – Chris Brown, can’t help to wonder what he was really talking about or maybe WHO he was referring to. Everybody seems to think it’s Karrueche. Do you?


I mean see how cute they look….. compared to this



Well the lyrics really moved me some type of way… you get.

Some, yeah sometimes I was the one
Yeah I was the one running round acting wild


You say you wanted love, yeah, gave you that and more
Yeah, but when it came to trust we both fucked up


I was looking for someone to ride for


You bringing up problems I gave you, was only a milestone
Now we both waking up looking for missed calls and dial tones


Now you wish I was the one
Wish I was the one who couldn’t sleep babe
Wish I was the one who couldn’t eat babe
Wish I was the one who couldn’t breathe without the other one


I’m the one who’s supposed to be broken
Break me down and build me up
Wish that I could meet you half way
But I don’t have the heart.

Each section for me is different. I wonder why people break up. Do they just grow apart or does the flame and attraction just die?

I know I might not have a heart or ‘THE’ heart but I do know what is right or at least I know what feels right. Do you?

Well I think he should date Tinashe. Their kids are gon’ be magnificent dancers and besides they already have chemistry. *wink*



After all……43


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