Time has many interpretations, definitions, numerous understanding and countless puns. I have heard so many that I wonder what is correct. Time flies. Time is money. Time is life. Time is precious. Time is no man’s friend. Time heals. Time is change.Time waits for no one. The most recent one I learnt is ‘time is an illusion’.

So let me try and combine it;

Time is change, money, which is precious to life but it waits for no one making it no man’s friend, yet it is an illusion that flies across the mind and heals too.

-Yvonne Obidigbo (2016)

I find it hard to believe that time heals all wounds. There are still things that hurt even when it felt like it was over. They are wounds that just keep getting sore all over again. The concept of time still taunts me cause I can never really understand it. Time runs fast at the best of times but slower at the worst. Time is impatient with you when you are striving for that last second but it’s willing to wait for you long enough to bore you. Time is ridiculous and in-explainable.

Even according to the movie ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, Time is a being, human-like, yet a controller of man. I’m guessing you have seen the movie too. This movie made me see time a little differently. Apparently, he allocates time wisely but who knows.

Everyone has a limited time. I do…  You do too. Be wise with it.





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