Broken Bonds

Words are words and will be words but when a word becomes a bond, it becomes more; more than just words or even sentences. It becomes trust and trust is key; key to the hearts of individuals, not humor or kindness or sympathy. Not even love; as great as it is said to be. Words can build love not trust but words can break trust to a point of no return. Words break more than they fix, sometimes they never do. A bond is formed as a result of actions and fulfilled promises.

I see bond to be like faith in most aspects. Faith, trust and bond can be connected in one chain.

Lemme clarify your contradicting look.

Having faith in someone is trusting that they won’t have to disappoint you. So when you lose faith in that person, automatically the trust is altered causing the bond between you two, to drift; that sharp turn, most times needing all the energy you have to steer yourselves back to that steady motion, that understanding. Two personalities that once shared views become merely just two personalities with unshared views.

I barely trust because I haven’t associated anything good with trusting people. What’s the point? Disappointments are inevitable. I can give people benefits of doubts; it’s kinda like trusting them to a point you let them do stuffs for for you without getting disappointed if they don’t cause your mind has a point of tolerance that people can’t pass or reach.


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