Eyes Or Lips

I hate love”- This has got to be be the most conflicting statement to hear. It’s kinda like ‘bittersweet’ but it’s true, I do. It’s never just normal. It’s never just understandable. It’s too complicated for just a four letter word. I have seen and heard words, longer but easier to comprehend. As difficult as the word is, it’s one of the most common. You hear it at least three times a day but not in the very same context.

All in all, i wanna explain a bit of feeling to you.

Ever been in love? I’m sure 85% of you just said yes, but are you sure? You might think you were or you are, but are you really ever that sure of something that deep?

You could feel something when you gaze at the eyes of your lover. You could also feel something when you stare at their lips or you could feel both, or maybe you just want to feel that way, not that you actually do. Many people claim that it is love you feel. Few people don’t care what it is, they’re just happy they feel something. The last set of people, (might include me), just live in that moment and don’t dwell on it too much cause it might actually not mean a thing. Apparently, every single person differs. Mindsets can change, even just by twitching eyes, the sight of the person switches inside. Most people are sure that when you feeling something, just looking at someone’s eyes, you feel the world or you feel complete.
What if you just feel comfortable? What if the person has told you so much lies that you can’t see beyond the eyes, far enough to notice these lies surrounding the ties that bonds you? What if your lover is such a good actor, that his actions are almost too perfect for a negative reaction?

On the other hand, what of the feeling you get from consuming their lips with your eyes? There’s nothing else you could possibly feel staring at the lips of someone you want. It’s simple. You want their lips either on yours or on parts of you. This feeling, compared to that which you get from the eyes is less controllable. The guys can understand my perspective here.

The difference between the connection between eyes and that of the lips is far too significant. Think about what your connection is, carefully…



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