Sexual Tension

The feeling is a lot more than sexual attraction. It is much more intense.

According to google…

“Sexual tension is a social phenomenon that occurs when two individuals interact and one or both feel sexual desire, but the consummation is postponed or never happens.”

Lemme define it for you, my way. Allow me to blow your mind.

“It is the tension with an intention of a selfless desire to be satisfied by that person especially one who pays attention to the details of your body whilst putting your mind in detention – a state of short confinement.”

Did i strike a nerve?

Merely looking at them, your eyes strip them of their garments and accessories causing almost every part of you to want them. At this point, just a touch ignites something in you, makes you think further, makes you want to imagine what could happen. Any rash decision you make then, might not be right. It is very common to give in to sexual tension but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight it.
I’m a little over 20 and i have only felt this twice. One lasted for over a month in 2012 while the second one, barely 3 days in 2016. I tried to master control that was why i had none till one really struck me four years after. I dealt with it well. I even told him.
Don’t mistake this for a crush. The intensity level is far greater. With my understanding of the topic, this cannot occur between partners. This is mainly found between strangers or friends, especially friends with benefits. Don’t argue. What partners have is Sexual Attraction. Quite different.

With sexual tension, most times your heart isn’t involved till you make it and when that happens it either leads to a crush or love.

So, how often do you feel that tension?

Well I’m guessing i have shared my view on this. If there’s anything you want me to write on, feel free to comment on any of my post. Also ask questions where necessary.



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