14/02; Valentine

What is today?
A day of love they say
A day to spend with a loved one,
Family or friend.
A day off to play
Games of love
A day of roses and chocolates
Perfumes and watches
A day presumed to be better than birthdays
Roaming with smiles and blushes
Booming indefinite crushes.
A day of pure romance
And raw passion,
Indescribable secret agendas
Just for a surprised reaction.
A facade of ‘I forgot’,
Pretending not to care
Whereas all the plans ahead
Are perfectly thought and prepared
To please your partner,
Bestfriend or lover.
What is the essence of this day?
Majorly it’s to show love to someone.
But is there just really ONE day to show love?
Cherish someone and forget everyone?
Does it mean roses don’t bloom on other days?
Or chocolates a day after loses its taste?
Does true passion ever stop?
With the right person,
Everyday is Valentine
Cause everyday he’s on your mind
And in every way you say she’s mine
And truly it won’t just be a line
Used to defend your guilt
Cause through your lips
It would be redefined
And in eachother’s eyes
The fire will ignite
The love anew,
To strengthens the ties.
And those feelings
Would race the hills of your mind
All day

VALENTINE = Virtually All Lovers Enter New Ties In New Era

Basically means that every VALENTINE, lovers and partners want to prove themselves by rekindling romance and making promises to be better at loving them.



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