The Truth

As easy as saying “THE TRUTH” is, actually saying the the truth isn’t. It never is. Some people might be lucky enough to tell a comfortable truth but most aren’t. I have come to realize that people lie just because it is easier and it’s only easier because the world made it so. They would rather appreciate a lie just to feel good. A lie is told everyday. You tell one too everyday. You could think about it. Some lies might not count to you because they sound so random and normal like someone asking where you are and you say someplace your aren’t. You just said that to make the person comfortable, knowing fully well the person would be mad if they knew.
Someone told me that if you don’t lie to your partner, you don’t love them. Is that true??
I can’t argue because I know it is true to a fault but still, nothing beats the truth though.

Imagine a girl, molested by her step father, carried that pain with her everyday for the duration of her life. Her whole life she was in pain. She also suffered from depression and unrecorded love and the silent treatment way too many times. But you must have asked her a thousand times
“how are you?”
“like, how are you?”
But did you actually want to hear her truth. Most people don’t and now she’s gone, you wanna say nice things now like how she touched so many lives. NO!!!
I think the best way to celebrate her is to stop being liars and embrace the truth. Just make sure you tell everyone you love that you will love them no matter how ugly their truth is. You’ll love them. Sometimes that’s all they need to hear.


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