One feeling that can’t be avoided
No matter the grade or age
It’s an everyday feeling for mere men
It’s like a character on every page
Working us
Without wage,
Toiling with our minds and emotions
Putting our confidence in a cage
Locked up
Clouding our mentality
Causing inferiority complex to rain
And drive us insane
With Questions of the same
Context, again and again.
We try, but it’s inevitable.
The very emotion behind LSE
Low Self Esteem.
We can’t fight the invisible.
Insecurity, though terrible
Has an upside that is eligible.
It elevates our cautiousness
Even when our mind rushes with thoughts that’s debatable
We become overprotective
And less relatable.
Till the bars holding our confidence are unlocked,
Making our minds feel untouched
And the chains of complex are dropped
Then we can stand up
And stand out
Feel good
Without a doubt
Of our choices
And voices.
We’ll be better, stronger and proud.
So lose your insecurity
Cause it’s a liability.

Avoid Atelphobia



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