The MIND as an Entity

So the mind outside the body, as its own entity is full of surprises, wild thoughts and racing emotions that even the body sometimes, can’t handle. It’s a magnificent piece. It can be twisted at times too.

The elegance of the mind is measured by the depth of the soul. – Yvonne

When the mind and the body are in sync, everything is attained cause then, everything is achievable but as soon as there is a disagreement between them, it causes a struggle. That’s when your mind starts to fight with your body. This is one state of confusion and there are quite a number. 70% of the time, the mind wins because it has the ability to explore all dimensions and create possibilities where there are none, causing you to rethink an already thought plan. You start to weigh options, find better solutions. You even start to doubt all over. The mind is dangerously persuasive. The body has almost no chance.
The funny thing is, it is all you. You think those thoughts. You give your mind all that power because you are 70% sure that’s what you want. If you give your body 70% and your mind, 30%, it solely means that you don’t have an elegant mind and your soul is shallow. You have little or no reason for anything you do or want to do.
There are times your mind and body fight like when it comes to fitness, sexual intentions, food and so on. Teach your mind. Educate it on a little of almost everything. Build your mental charisma cause when you do, your mind wouldn’t have to fight with your body. You’ll just know what to do.

The MIND is the Mechanics Influencing New Decisions – Yvonne

The body achieves what the mind believes



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